Online Mentoring

When it comes to online mentoring, Dani works one on one with each individual. Generally, the participant will choose his or her own portrait to work on or one of Dani’s own photos. And if time allows, the team will work on multiple portraits throughout the session.

The process is simple. The workshop begins with Camera Raw. In Camera Raw, Dani teaches all the basic adjustments necessary to create a proper foundation for the Photoshop edits to be mind-blowing. Once in Photoshop, he covers all the retouching steps including cleanup, frequency separation, color grading, fixing common issues in portraits and final touches to make the photo pop. He also teaches his popular skin toning.

Both notes and an action are provided to help clarify and speed up the retouching process and workflow in the future. For online sessions, Dani shares his screen and converses through Google Hangouts . Workshops are generally booked 5-7 days in advance.

2 Hour Refresher

At a discounted rate, this session is targeted to those who have previously purchased Dani’s tutorial or “Option B.” In this session, Dani and the participant review the retouching workflow numerous times. The participant may give Dani any image he’d like to use as an example.

It is meant for individuals who are familiar with the workflow but need a refresher on specific elements and techniques. It is a chance to get personal feedback on your work and gain knowledge in areas to improve.



2 Hour Session

This is the more popular of the two workshop options. The session is ideal for people who would like to become extremely proficient with Dani’s process. It allows for a more specific workshop. Because there is more time, Dani repeats the process multiple times on different photos. There is also more time given to answer the participant’s questions.



Budget Friendly Session With a Partner

With this option, you get the same experience as option 2 but because you can pair up with a friend, you each save $100. You and your friend will join Dani during the workshop session. All that is needed are two people whose schedules allow them to pair up at the same time. You can even be from two opposite ends of the world. It is important to remember that because the workshop is being taught to two people, it will not be as personalized. Dani will repeat the editing process multiple times on different photos. And there will be more than enough time to answer your questions.

$700 ($350 each) – Payment can be sent individually by each party.